FlexxNext distinguishes itself through its close cooperation with Eastern and Central Europe, where we recruit and train a large part of our staff. FlexxNext offers its services in broadcasting, secondment, recruitment and selection, payrolling and in-company services, so that we can meet your total personnel needs.

As we have our residence near Bratislava Slowakia, we are in the middle of perfect local candidates for our customers and partners. Recruiting with the best knowledge and people for you !

We would like to tell you who we are and what we can do for you, contact us via or let us call you back via the contact form below.

Our mission is to exceed expectations

FlexxNext and your benefits:

  • We are experienced and reliable. You can relax knowing your partner makes sure your process will run smoothly.
  • As we are located in the center of Europe, we have a top recruiting management. You will have sufficient and motivated personnel to ensure your work processes. Long and mid term.
  • We have a proven track record. You ask and we deliver.
  • No luxury head office or other unnecessary overhead. You will have the best competitive tariffs.
  • Your day to day contact person (Jobcoach) is very experienced  and service minded. Your questions and demands are immediately taken into action.
  • We see our personnel as our Capital. You get the best.
  • We work with several up-to-date sophisticated time and salary tools. Your administration is simple and correct.

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