Flexxnext is your partner in personnel matters. Innovative solutions ensure reliable long-term cooperation.

Dutch no-nonsense approach with specialists in industrial and technical fields from neighboring EU countries. Flexxnext approaching clients openly and discusses questions from different sides.

Because placement should always suit your needs, Flexxnext has diverse services. Staffing, secondment, recruitment, payroll and service-company. So we provide personnel needs in your overall staffing.

We stand out because we specialize in finding the optimal mix of permanent and temporary staff. We work with both doers and thinkers. Anyone who wants to work with us is welcome. This also applies to the companies that can use these thinkers.

Our added value emphasizes that Flexxnext stands. We are sober and work hard. Flexxnext is a company of practical solutions. We act. That’s how we stand in the market. Act and resolve is in the roots of our company.

We tell you who we are and what we can do for you. Want to know us really? We like to make an appointment!

Next Flexx for temporary staff from the Netherlands and other EU countries.

Contact us and find out what Flexx Next can do for your organization!